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We uncover secrets of plants

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The adventure with the cultivation of colorful flowers and plants can be started at any age, and even a few years old children can look after the plants on the balcony or in the home garden! The participants of the workshop from the new series " Kreatywny ogród tajemnic ", which we start in our Centre on March 7th , will find out.

Gardening work will appear in the shopping arcade, and under the watchful eye of instructors, children will learn different flowers, learn how to grow them and how to care for them. Then, during practical classes, they will learn to replant plants, as well as learn how to check the humidity and pH of the substrate and how to provide plants with the best conditions for growth.

Plant decoration workshops will also provide a lot of inspiration and joy. Participants will learn to weave simple wicker patterns, as well as make reeds and Easter wreaths. You will also be able to create unique compositions from plants such as sea-buckthorn, pasque-flower, forsythia, boxwood, and olive tree branches and willow catkins. Those willing will also be able to make Easter straw and hay decorations and sow cress, which will surely grow before the upcoming Easter.

The youngest children will be able to take part in art workshops, during which they learn basic art techniques and perform works on nature.

Classes as part of the " Kreatywny ogród tajemnic ", cycle will take place on March 7th  in the passage of our Shopping Center. Classes will be conducted from 15.00 to 17.30. Free entrance! add this event to your calendar

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