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We are giving away Valentine's Day gifts

From 13/02 to 15/02
Do your shopping, keep your receipts and exchange them for romantic rewards!

On the eve of the Valentine's Day, shoppers in our Shopping Center will find romantic gifts and sweets: heart-shaped candles, soaps and chocolates!

To get one of the gifts, it is enough to do shopping in the stores of the Shopping Centre on February 13th  for a minimum amount of PLN 100 and keep receipts. They can be exchanged for romantic gifts at a special point in the shopping arcade. The point will be open from 10:00 to 19:00. Receipts for purchases in Auchan hypermarket cannot be used in the campaign.
It's worth to hurry up because the number of surprises is limited!

From the beginning of February, all stores can be open in our Shopping Center. You can find the latest winter collections and numerous promotions there. Each visitor will easily complement their wardrobe with warm clothes and fashionable accessories, and will also find many ideas for gifts for loved ones, not only on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

We invite you for shopping!