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Summer creative workshops

Holidays in the city? We invite you to summer creative workshops in our Shopping Centre!

We are waiting for you on Saturday, August 13th  from 15:00 to 18:00! Free entrance!

During the meeting, participants will create unique decorations. They will paint fancy, multi-coloured patterns on glass vases, bottles and lanterns with the use of specialized paints!

The technique of painting on glass will also be available in practice when painting pictures on glass plates placed in frames.

Participants will use the traditional method of painting on glass. First, with the help of a special liner, they create an outline of the shape, which they then fill with stained glass paints. You will be able to make any patterns you invent or use the templates prepared by the teachers to be mapped on the glass.

You can take home decorations with your own hands. Placed in a place where the sun's rays reach, it will be a unique decoration.

Everyone, regardless of age, can take part in the workshop.

We invite you to participate!