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Learn about the traditional art of tissue paper

Tissue-making is a traditional art of making ornaments from tissue paper, known in many regions of Poland. This Saturday, during the family creative workshops in our Shopping Center, you will be able to learn this method of creating decorations and make colorful flowers and even grand bouquets. Anyone, regardless of age, can take part in the classes.

We invite you on Saturday, October 8th from 15.00 to 18.00. Free entrance.

To prepare handicrafts, participants will use crepe paper, which will be used to create various flowers - roses, asters, tulips and even crocuses. You will be able to create decorations of various sizes - small, easy to handle - and even forms that reach the size of a sunflower. Depending on the amount of time participants want to devote to the workshop, they will be able to make individual flowers or bouquets. Complex compositions will be created with the use of floral tape, wires and glue.

The workshops will be conducted by experienced instructors who have been carrying out art education classes inspired by folk tradition for many years.

We encourage you to discover the richness of Polish folk art and participate in workshops!