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Get ready for Christmas with us!

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Baking and decorating gingerbread scented with spices is one of the most popular Christmas customs in our homes! it has been with us for years!

During the pre-Christmas exhibition, which will appear in the passage of our Shopping Center from December 8th to 24th , you can  learn about the history of baking gingerbread and gingerbread cookies and learn about other old Christmas customs! You will get to know the traditions of gingerbread and old crafts, as well as discover the secrets of baking and decorating delicious Christmas gingerbread.

The exhibition will be available from Monday to Saturday and on trade Sundays - December 6th, 13th, 20th during the Shopping Center opening hours.

Real treat is waiting for visitors to our Facebook profile!

Even before Christmas, you will be able to watch four films in which baking masters from Toruń Living Gingerbread Museum will tell you about the secrets of this extraordinary delicacy and will tell you how to prepare a dough and bake gingerbread, and decorate it with traditional icing. The first film will be broadcast on December 9th  at

Visitors to the profile can also take part in a unique Christmas competition! The jury will select three most interesting culinary creations from among the people who will send photos of their own baked and decorated gingerbread. The prize will be attractive, festive sets of Toruń gingerbread baked in a traditional way.

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